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Version : 1.2.1 - Date : 2013-01-17 15:49:49 - : Toutes

Watch live French channels.

This add-on proposes to view most of the French channels (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, etc ...) from live video streams available on the internet. The proposed channels are classified by content with a detailed description.

Changelog :

. Remove adult content support.

. Add dailymotion live video support.

. Fix adult content filtering into categories.

. Fix adult content filtering.

. Remove multi-language support.
. Fix socket lib dependencies missing.

. Add streams selection option (info/stats).
. Add option to show/hide broken streams.
. Add submenu display and selection.
. Use gzip compression for downloaded data.
. Update channel infos and EPG at the same time.

. Add thumbnail image support (logo).
. Add channel type field (continu, discontinu, event).
. Add type filtering option.
. Add-on settings update.
. Fix code indentation.

. New logo.
. Clean navigation transitions (windows refresh).

. Fix Kids channels access bug.

. Add XBMC4XBOX support.
. Add channels list update notifications.
. Improve EPG support.
. Change add-on logo.
. Remove Live Fanart support.

. Add timezone support.

. Modify EPG scrap method.
. Add option the select number of displayed EPG programs.
. URL encoding.
. Add 30 min EPG cache.

. Add EPG support for common channels (adsltv).
. Add Live Fanart support for common channels (digitalbitrate).
. Modify add-on settings menu.

. Add option to show/hide streams requiring librtmp.

. Add option to hide multiple streams.
. Add option to select stream quality.
. Add option to show/hide broken streams.
. Add channels national order support.
. Add full thumbnail support (channel logo).

. Limit content to francophone channels.
. Change add-on name.
. Add add-on description.
. Change add-on logo.

. Change add-on icon.
. Fix adult channel filtering bug.

. Add channel list update option.

. Add multi-language selection option.
. Add show/hide adult content option.
. Add directory channel selection option.
. Add content folder support.
. Add country folder support.
. Add language folder support.

. Add multi-language support (en/fr).

. Create plugin base code.


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